Gyms & Coronavirus

How the Gym Industry may being affected.

No doubt, we’re in one of the most interesting times in our generation. The gym is a safe haven and outlet for ultimate happiness & therapy for SO many of us, so NO WONDER why you may be concerned.

How do I believe this will affect your gym?  That answer depends entirely on your gym’s primary focus point. Overall, I KNOW that the greatest fitness centers will be left standing and I believe all will be providing unreal service based on a new sense of Thankfulness.

To think… Only 2-3 years ago I had my 6 month old at the gym rolling around and it was no big deal. In 2020… Yeah right.

Will this ever be acceptable again?

The main concern moving forward through 2020 as we gyms “hopefully” begin to reopen, are the unknown restrictions placed on all facilities. Will there be allowed 10 people per floor again? Will attendance be a ratio of floor space? Will the stigma of Covid, aka Gym killer, scare the majority of people from ever coming back?!

No one knows…

Restrictions will be in place for fitness facilities and there is already talk of larger franchise gym owners planning to follow a 500 square feet per person rule. These kind of guidelines would be extremely tough for class studios who’s attendance can reach 40-50 in a 2,500 square foot space.

I could write several pages on this, but to sum this up… The fitness facilities that will be greatest affected by Corona Virus in 2020 are the ones that have the most traffic per square foot. This brings to mind clubs where waiting for equipment is common, or packed class studios.

I believe sanitation of all facilities will be permanently affected, for the better. I think the coming months will be the most extreme but there will be an ever lasting affect on overall attention & efficiency of all fronts of cleanliness & cross contamination in every business.

I, myself, wonder how the extremely affordable ($10/month) gyms plan to make it in 2020 as they rely heavily on extreme volume. I’m expecting price increases in many gyms for new sign ups in the coming months to make up for the difference in volume, but we will see!

One BEAUTIFUL thing I think we’re about to witness is the level of appreciation for the gym increase to a level which will in fact produce massive results, making up for time lost. I can NOT WAIT to see people under the squat bar, putting in the work, and seeing members Live through Iron. Can’t You see it?! I can literally smell it!

I think we can all agree on one thing… that we’re excited for “normal” life again, but in a gym, with the same camaraderie that kept us coming! Thank You for All of Your support along the way, and if you have ANY questions, concerns, or just want to drop a line, we’d love to hear from you.

– Tony Meives

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