Gym Success = Finding Your Place

Finding your Gym may be the BIGGEST factor on your success in the gym.

Most people join the closest gym to their home, but that is rarely the best option, unless you have a membership for something extremely general like a treadmill. However, when One finds an incredible environment, driving past 10 gyms to get to that gym IS WORTH IT. Why?… Progress happens in multiples.

I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing countless times where someone steps foot in the gym, and I know they’ve found their place in harmony.

Majority speaking, this usually isn’t the person’s first Fitness venture, but something about this new found source of energy through envirionment that they didn’t know existed allows them to take their body and mind to a place they never have been able to reach. After this moment is felt, there is no turning back.

On top of building muscles many didn’t know existed and feeling a source of strength that wasn’t even considered possible in the past self, stress itself in all areas of life become more manageable. At this point, a “healthy” addiction has set in. Thank Goodness for it.

Work gets a little easier, relationships start mending, and smiling is more frequent & genuine.

Ninety-Nine percent of the time One comes to the Gym for 1 reason: To look better.

What keeps them coming back is the value placed in feeling incredible. Accomplishing big feats in life whether it’s education, fitness, career, or hobby is one thing. Enjoying the process is another and The True Win in Life. The right gym helps you with just that.

Finding a Gym which allows you to unleash Your True self will help you in every aspect of your life, which I can say with certainty as I’ve witnessed it in person Hundreds, maybe Thousands, of times.

If you have found Your gym, Incredible!

If you have not, take a deep look in what inspires you. Try looking past an initial instinct of intimidation that is made up in your own mind. Any great gym has members who want you to crush it, win, follow through, and give back to the same incredible energy that kept you there.

Did You find value in this? I’d be honored for you to comment, share, or PM me with ANY & ALL questions.

– Tony Meives

“Men take on the nature and habits and the power of thought of those with whom they associate in spirit of sympathy and harmony” – Napoleon Hill – 1937

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