Abs … How?

There isn’t one person who EVER stepped foot in the Gym, who doesn’t want a flat stomach or be able to see abs AT LEAST once in their life.

I can see why as it has a Universal appreciation anywhere in the world. The Novelty of this achievement is admired no matter One’s intelligence, ethnicity, or anything outside their control.

Many have tried, failed, & Succeeded.

So what separates One who achieves this feat? I have seen this transformation hundreds of times, many from people who do not have favorable genetic predisposition.

The two things that separate One from attaining this goal, is Persistence & a Burning Desire. So basically… Never Giving Up.

Work ethic and consistency are a must and can easily be heightened with the right gym.

There is no doubt, genetics will play a role in how fast you are able to climb this mountain. However, focusing on things you can’t control is a complete waste of energy and it encourages what I call, “Mrs. Pout-fire”.

There is a lot you can control…

1) Daily Activity – Get a Fitbit. Track steps. Move more. Go for walks. Do laps in your house like a crazy person who needs to reach their step goal. The point is, movement adds up fast and can easily be as effective as Cardio itself. However, this does not replace cardio and I know FEW individuals who are able to get their abs dialed in without it.

2) Nutrition – The most important factor is that your weekly caloric intakes need to be at a deficit. Meaning, if you go overboard one day, you CAN make it up by cutting calories back on those other days. One reason I like this approach is because it allows a little more enjoyment on the weekends IF you can be more diligent during the week. This could look something like this:

Average Daily Burned Calories: 2650

Sunday – Thursday: 1,900 calories

Friday – Saturday: 2,800 calories

Daily Average Calories: 2,157

Deficit = 493 calories/daily

3) Lift weights – Muscle is huge in fat loss as it IS the furnace. The more muscle you can add and/or retain, the better. It allows you to keep your calories as high as possible. Some studies have concluded every pound of muscle added will burn about 50 calories per day. That means you can eat more and burn it off!


You probably are already aware of where your faults lie. Own them. Many people get in natural denial when it comes to their faults in pursuing fitness goals and it only gets in the way and feeds ego. I find it to be a brewery of excuses.

Since this feat can take anywhere from 1 month to several years, One must be ready to set realistic short term goals. The direction must be forward, with an understanding that there will be hiccups along the way. Like, no matter what, S&%T will happen.

So yes. It is possible. Action trumps all.

When the s%$t does happen, align with your goal. Thoughts will carry action if you care. So… Go to or find Your Gym and make it happen.

Did you find Value in this? We’re always honored for anyone to take a second and share this info with the world! We’re always striving to be the best gym in our are so let us know anything we can do to help!

– Tony from Badger Fitness

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