Gyms Reopen Wisconsin


Will it be safe to do so?… Glad you were wondering!

Your gym is probably one of the cleanest businesses in Wisconsin right now. EVERY gym owner I know is improving sanitation and preventative cross contamination to levels that would be considered ultra crazy only 1 year ago.

With Phase 1 allowing 25% capacity, Badger Fitness is in GOOD shape. Thankfully, weightlifting in general requires a little more room and since we’ve always geared our layout towards that demographic, it naturally set us up in a great opening position.

I predict a natural slow come back for the average gym go’er, but I know many of us reading this place the gym in a higher ground of priority and are SO excited to get back.

Many gyms such as Badger Fitness in Madison, WI plan to restrict new memberships to “long term only” to ensure we can operate at the safest levels possible.

Doors will be propped open, sanitizer will be everywhere, and just by witnessing our opening this morning I can tell our members are doing their part in keeping appropriate distance. At this point, it’s not just about doing what’s right and safe, but also going beyond that measure for people’s comfort.

Things to expect at Badger Fitness:

– Infinite amounts of Love & Support.

– Katie is stepping up to the plate for her first full time position as a Trainer and is FINALLY accepting clients.

– Kaade started a Men’s weight training group that I already know is going to be maxed within these first two days.

– I, Tony, will be spending my first couple work hours each day on our sister brand, Pure Choice Whey, while Katie takes the gym’s first set hours starting today.

Seeing all the smiles as a few people walked in this morning was refreshing. Even waking up this morning felt different for SO many who have been working from home or not at all these past 62 days. It was such an incredible opportunity for self reflection and enforced appreciation for “the little things”. I have SUCH high hopes for people to make some incredible progress.

See You SO soon, and let’s do our part so we can stay open!

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