Keto … Explained

The Ketogenic diet is a Low Carb, High Fat, and Moderate/High Protein macronutrient mixture.

Since Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy, this allows the use more Fat for fuel once One reaches a state of Ketosis. I feel like Ketogenic Diets are often extremely misunderstood and most people are on them for the wrong reason but at the same time are vital for particular cases… which is Why I must write about this!

Ketogenic diets are known to help tremendously with seizures caused by Epilepsy. They can also be important in our military personnel who may be stranded in the wild. Humans that are already physiologically adapted to very little carbohydrates would do much better if “thrown in the wild”.

Whey is a great Keto option. Here’s Pure Choice Whey out of Badger Fitness in Madison Wisconsin!

Most people gravitate towards this diet method for the wrong reasons which the #1 that I witness is the instant drop on the scale. You will lose fat, if you’re at a calorie deficit. However, the sudden drop people see is not entirely fat, and the majority can easily be water + glycogen (the stores of energy in your muscle from carbs).

This brings me to the main point: Sustainability

For the sake of the average person’s tolerance and will power, Ketogenic dieting is sustainable for very few. More often than not, weight that was lost is gained back, sometimes at rapid speeds.

There is one body type that I believe Keto can be absolutely a necessity for, and that is Endomorphic. Long story short, people with Endomorphic body types have a REALLY hard time naturally dropping body fat. This body type can typically hold muscle VERY well, so lowering carbs will have a lesser affect on muscle loss in this situation. Muscle retention is a HUGE positive in losing body fat.

People with the opposite body type, Ectomorphic, should NEVER Keto diet in my opinion. Being extremely Ectomorphic myself, we lose muscle WAY too fast. Keto can still be done without losing much muscle with this body type, but it truly is an art and most people are not advanced enough nor have the proper guidance to do so. Plus, why the heck would you want to lose fat with barely any carbs while you could get the same or better results eating carbs and have a more positive carry over when you’re not “dieting”?

In the end, Keto is not some magic formula and we don’t suggest it unless you are Endomorphic or if it helps with any ailment. My suggestion is never choose a diet that eliminates (or nearly) any macronutrient or something that can’t be sustained long term. Because, why suffer to only go back and forth?

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