Cleanest Gyms?

I want to present a unique gym cleanliness theory developed over the course of 16 years of Training, over 14,000 gym hours, and scrubbing the toilets at Badger Fitness over 1,000 times (like, literally).

It’s embedded in our brains that weight lifting oriented gyms are probably the dirtiest of all gyms. Maybe this is the cause of movies or fitness commercials who showcase them wrongly. I argue that well managed weight lifting oriented gyms are the cleanest gyms on the planet, and here’s Why.

Gyms who focus on the Iron are always started by the same type of person: Someone who is VERY passionate and is in it for the Love first, and making a profitable business second.

Madison Gyms looking SO clean.

Weight Lifting oriented gym’s number one priority is: Your Progress, with $$$ coming after.

Every Main stream gym on the planet’s number number 1 focus is: Capitalizing as much $$$ as possible per square foot.

How does this come into play with cleanliness? Space. Weight Lifting requires SO much more space per member compared to cramming a bunch of cardio or group training with 40 people together.

Just 8 squat racks take up a lot of room!

With less people volume, the gym is much easier to keep clean and social distancing is kind of an all year round natural deal in the majority of situations. When you’re using a barbell in almost any exercise you do not want people close to you unless it’s a trusted spotter that you asked.

When you have cardio packed close together it makes it tough.

With all the research available, spacing people out seems to be the most vital aspect of contamination, and you are forced to in a weight lifting oriented space.

So there you have it… This is literally the only time in history where it’s advantageous to have a weight lifting gym as far as the “perfect capacity”. So much Love to you all who make it incredible!

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Badger Fitness – Tony Meives – Madison, WI

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Madison Wisconsin Gyms

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