One of the biggest lessons Fitness has taught me is when you pay close enough attention, you notice you can’t even “Give Back” unselfishly, because when You Give, the Universe will always return the favor with the exact Intention you put into the giving in some form.

If that makes sense at all, You have witnessed how powerful and domino-like Giving can be. I have countless stories which align with this truth in myself and watching our gym members, but here is one that stands out in my mind related to Giving Back, Gaining, and my Fitness journey.

When I was Personal Training in my basement about 10 years ago, I worked with this One Individual literally twice, for Free.

They were instantly hooked on Training as they had never really been pushed before and experiencing high intensity weight training was just a perfect fit. They not only excelled exceptionally fast adding 50 pounds to their squat in a month, but they also started studying to be a Personal Trainer.

Within a two year time frame, this Individual ran with the Spark that was also once shown to me. I watched this person move on to become a Personal Trainer, who in line Sparked two individuals to find their passion and become Trainers themselves!

Each Personal Trainer will move on and help a LOT of people as I’ve never met a Trainer in my life who didn’t feel fulfillment by helping.

So how does this help me besides that feeling of Making a Difference? I can count 7 Gym Members RIGHT now that currently go to my gym because of the One person I had worked with A DECADE AGO…

That’s hundreds of dollars a month… Every month of the year… For 2-3 hours of total time… And… So many people were helped in the process. It’s like a Win-Win-Win, best case scenario, and started with Giving.

I have seen this transpire on SO many different occasions. Arnold says, “There is nothing more fulfilling than helping people”, and I believe he’s right.

I’ve taken this thought SO far that I ended my “Paid Personal Training career” within Badger Fitness a few years ago. With no doubt, I could be a Trainer within my gym and bring in $7-$8,000/month. However, I have found so much value in this, both Fulfillment & Monetary, to deeply understand the Universe will pay the Gym that same amount, or more, if I just help people with no expectation and pure intention. Some would argue it’s just Faith within, but it’s really just me witnessing the circle of life over & over.

I’d Love to hear how giving has helped you in some way so PLEASE…

Badger Fitness – Madison WI

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